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The UK site is normally given, but many have associated sites/organisation based in other countries. See also links in Suffering Church  

Anglican Mainstream –
” …a community within the Anglican Communion committed to promote, teach and maintain the Scriptural truths on which the Anglican Church was founded. … Faithfulness to Scripture as God’s Word is essential for sharing the love and purpose of God in Jesus Christ.”

Christian Answers for the New Age – CANA –
A site produced by Marcia Montenegro, who had many years’ involvement in astrology and New Ageism, in the US, before coming to Christ. Her site presents informed, balanced, essays on: feng shui, Halloween, alternative healing, ouija boards, yoga, Da Vinci Code, reiki, witchcraft, Harry Potter, vampires, etc., etc.

Culture Watch (Bill Muehlenberg) –
Writing from Australia, Bill Muehlenberg produces many articles and book reviews on a number of themes vital to orthodox Christianity, and its fate in present-day Western culture. Strongly recommended.

The Evangelical Alliance UK –
A vast site including sections on: prayer, publications, politics, media, regional groups, member churches, conferences, leadership, etc. Part of a large international evangelical organisation

Ken Gardiner – Christian Thoughts & Teachings –
Canon Ken Gardiner has here made accessible the fruits of a long Christian ministry. The site of the author of The Reluctant Exorcist etc., presents sermons, meditations, Bible study commentaries, etc.

The Reachout Trust –
“Building a Bridge of Reason”. Aim to “Examine in the light of the Christian gospel the beliefs and spirituality of people within the cults, occult, new age and all not upholding to biblical truth …”

Produced by the Christian Enquiry Agency Ltd, the site seeks to inform people about Jesus Christ and Christianity. ” … all [Christian] viewpoints are explained in an unbiased way”.

The Way; Christian Resource Centre –
The Way offers a “safe, Godly access to the internet”, and is involved in “Building the Church, proclaiming the gospel”. The Church Directory lists churches in the UK, the Prayer link enables visitors to email their prayer requests. News items.

Aid to the The Church in Need – Suffering Church –

A Catholic charity serving our suffering and persecuted
brothers and sisters around the world since 1947.


It is believed that more Christians suffered martyrdom in the Twentieth Century than in all the centuries before. Below, there is a list of campaigning organisations, and direct links to their sites which give news, campaign information, and details of how you can support their work.
Prominent among these is Christian Solidarity Worldwide, and its magazine Response.
Please join these organisations, and support their campaigns:

Hong Kong:

Barnabas Fund“hope and aid for the persecuted church”

Release International“the voice of the persecuted church” – Persecution News:

International Christian Concern– “Serving Christ’s Persecuted Body”

Persecution Blog. Weblog About the Persecution of Christians Around the World –

“Lord, Help us to live worthy of Our sisters and our brothers
Who love you more than their own lives Who worship as they suffer …”
Graham Kendrick, How Long? Graham Kendrick Copyright 2002 Make Way Music
(reproduced with permission)