Beliefs and Principles

The Nature and value of human Life

Men and women were created uniquely, individually, and purposefully in eternity, by a loving Creator, rather than being the (temporal) result of chance, accident(s), or undirected processes.

The purpose and objective of all human life lies beyond this present life/world/society; lie/the world/the earth are merely the means to an end. It is the individual person’s destiny which is of value and concern, not that of humankind, ‘the race’, the world/earth, etc., which are temporal.

The only authentic, valid, and valuable religion/spirituality is that which directs people towards a wholly-other, objectively-existing reality.

Only in conditions of peace, security, and material well-being – in almost all cases – can men and women pursue a life of moving towards faith in God, and their intended goal of future existence in His presence; therefore, it is the duty of all Christians to work for justice and peace in this present world.

Genuine freedom comes only through attending to the wishes of one’s Creator, not from the arbitrary re-shaping of laws, principles, and values on the basis of human desires or the imagined imperatives of changing situations and new knowledge.

The nature and constitution of humans is constant and stable, and appropriate to human destiny; and s0 – despite ongoing technological development, and resulting changes in human life/society – no overall change of their ethical/moral nature will ever be observed, nor can ever be made.

Attempting unnaturally/indefinitely to prolong the reasonable lifespan of an individual (or of the human race) is futile, and ultimately destructive of the purpose of human existence.

The only real and ultimate value of all human effort is that its product may point beyond themselves to higher reality/destiny. While a person’s responsibility for thier life and actions is paramount, ‘my life’ (‘my body’, etc.) ultimately belongs to the Creator.