Affirming the Faith exists to promote and defend the traditional Christian faith as found in the historic Creeds, which it interprets literally, and not by any ‘critical’ reductionism or humanistic/purely-this-wordly re-interpretation.

Christianity of this kind has been called orthodox, authentic, super naturalist, or simply traditional. It is “the faith once delivered to the saints”, undiluted by delusions of ‘modern knowledge’, so called, which can often be the products of biased ideological motives and value-driven deceptions.

Affirmation of this orthodox faith – whose authority rests on the twin pillars of the Scriptures and the Tradition of the church – is merely a restatement of what was believed by all Christians up to very recent times; it is parts of the Church, and some people within it, that have moved away from Christian truth.

Reasons, and reasonableness, are inevitably the allies of the Truth, their misappropriation and misuse by materialism notwithstanding. AtF holds that many, from all traditions and denominations have held to this truth, and hence it draws upon many sources and voices. AtF operates on the principle of The Unsuccessful Californian Evangelist.

As Jesus was fully God and fully human, the Scriptures, the Church, and the Creeds are not purely human productions, or simply the results of peoples’ needs and situations; neither were they merely the products of the societies in which they emerged, nor of the world-views or chronological contexts in which they were formulated, instituted, or canonised.